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About Us

AJ's Loan Cupboard, a non-profit, charitable society, began operating in 2002.  To date it has provided a much needed service by making available medical equipment, not only for palliative needs but also for long and short-term disabilities and illnesses.  As changes and cutbacks occur in health care, the family once again takes more responsibility for their loved ones.  AJ's has been the answer for many of these people.  As quickly as equipment goes out, other pieces are returned or donated and so the circle of help continues.

If you need it and we've got it, you can use it, free of charge! 

Board of Directors

President - Tom Otte

Vice President - Norbert Urban

Treasurer - Angie Harvey

Secretary - Maxine Tindall

Director - Dale Bannish

Director - Val Bannish

Director - Sandy Clemis

Director - Jeff Desjarlais

Director - Richard LePage

Director - Linda Otte

Director - Warren Pister



General Manager - Garry Walton

Administrative Assistant - Brenda Kingston

Staff Assistant - Dale Kerr

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